Terms of Service

As an organization choosing to participate in the nonprofit directory (or "Nonprofit Compass") or individual reviewing the information provided, the Community Foundation of Abilene (“CFA” or “Foundation”) sets forth the following Terms of Service for users.  

  1. Organizations are a 501(c)(3) or are being fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) and will provide their EIN number, contact info, and a representative’s information for verification.
  2. A verified status signifies that an organization has provided required content such as IRS filings, bylaws, etc. 
  3. A verified status signifies that an organization confirms their service or headquarters in Abilene and/or the surrounding area.
  4. CFA does not assess or audit the accuracy of the information contained in the documents provided or an organization’s compliance with its stated policies. 
  5. Verification does not include a review of licensing or other requirements specific to any industry or organization, or any information regarding violations of such requirements or any other legal requirements.
  6. I understand that BonterraTech.com is an online platform and not an affiliate of CFA or the nonprofits listed in the directory. 
  7. It is the responsibility of administrators of an organization’s directory profile to grant (authorize) and revoke (unauthorize) administrative capabilities to other individuals within their organization.
  8. Organizations understand that Bonterra (formerly GiveGab) will not disclose information about an organization to individual users unless those users are administrative users with appropriate permissions.
  9. The staff, board of directors, and volunteers of the organization should promote the nonprofit directory.
  10. Online donations made through the directory are donated to the organization less any transaction fees not covered by the individual donor.
  11. Online donations made through the directory will be disbursed directly to the organization (grantee) within 10 business days via electronic funds transfer less any transaction fees.
  12. Online donation functionality is only available for organizations that have completed Stripe and Bonterra (formerly GiveGab) verification processes. 
  13. Organizations understand that the CFA is not responsible for the amount of money contributed and acknowledge that donors choose where to make gifts and the Foundation has no control of this process.
  14. CFA reserves the right to pull or withdraw any participating agency from the directory for any reason deemed necessary by the Foundation Board of Trustees. Any/all decisions to withdraw a participating nonprofit organization will be communicated with the organization as timely as possible.